Think And Throw


The team trash treasurers getting all nostalgic for the First Lego League International Championship at Cebu Islands Phillipines. They have pledged to show gracious professionalism and coopertition. Also awaiting to make new friends at cultural/friendship night.Celebration, fun and joy is waiting.The inspiration from the first programme is a life learning opportunity for them.Here they say "kumusta"phillipines.


The funds collected by our think and throw campaign is used for vocational training of specially abled kids on the world autism day.We urge more and more people to collect dry waste thereby stopping it to go to landfills where it takes more than 500 years to decompose. Let each piece of waste go to recycling making it a resource for many.If any organisation wish to join message our think and throw team.


THE MARATHON,THE CAMPAIGN FOR RAG PICKERS,THE DRY WASTE CAMPAIGN AT ANANDNIKETAN SCHOOL WITH TIMES FOUNDATION,NIE AND LET'S RECYCLE...our journey is on and our mission is think and throw. The waste we generate needs 4 R's.We moving at rocket speed with technology but still we are not segregating waste.We wish more and more people join our mission.It is our earth so Let's take care and show our responsibility.


The team trash treasurers, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.They say we are team of 10(Aaman,Shaurya, Aarav, Param, Ishan,Vir,Ridansh,Maanit,Arman,Aahan)now with their project Think and Throw they have made the Rag pickers(the real contributors for segregation) and many more children and communities join their project. A small step from them can really change the waste system at each house and thereby stopping trash going to landfill as mixed waste.The teams appeal to all please use the Two bins for dry waste and wet waste.We are in the century with technology but look what we are doing to our ecology. Please ..please start segregation and treat earth as your own belonging. Thank you for reading-team trash treasurers.


Please we urge all kids to make their trash boxes.they can collect all trash for week and then donate it to a waste picker.As we team treasurers saw a hope in them we are sure if each kid starts our chain it can be wonders.we can really hope to give them a dignifying life.


The energetic kids flagged of their drive for think and throw at the marathon today.They joined hands with the waste management company let's recycle and urged crowd at marathon to throw trash in the bins only.With a promise to bring a change their next step is challenging house hold to segregate the waste.Let's make our earth clean as our home.