Monal Shah with students
Monal Shah with students

welcome to Robotronics

" A place for children to celebrate joy of hands -on learning with creativity and teamwork... "

The Robotronics Club - is a after school hands-on science & technology club for school kids, @ The Robotronics Club we provide unique "learn with fun" hobby programs in Science, Electronics & Robotics designed specifically for the school kids in the age-group 5 to 14. It helps to spark curiosity and develop the inherent interest amongst children about science & technology. The excitement of The Robotronics Club's weekly hobby programs is children learn to make their own science, electronics & robotics projects and take them home .

Why The Robotronics Club ??

Children are born learners, with a natural curiosity to figure out how the world works. Curiosity is the desire to learn. It is an eagerness to explore, discover and figure things out. The more curious a child is, the more he learns. At The Robotronics Club we are Nurturing your children curiosity, is one of the most important ways you can help him / her become a lifelong learner.

To introduce the children with world of science, technology and invention.
To grow childern efficiancy in robootronics.
To demonstrate the valuable ideas & invention of brilliant scientist.
To encourage children to develop their ideas into reality.
To ignite the faith that children can solve real life problems.
To inspire children’s pride in learning.
To motivate children towards research and development.
To Improove Childerns Imagination power.
To Inspire for Work as Team.